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Diversify your meals with African food from Choice Food African Market of Orlando, Florida. We carry everything from pounded yam to stock fish to meet your culinary needs. Contact us to ask about a particular item today.

Pounded Yam

Choice Food African Market carries pounded yam from brands including Ola-Ola™, Iyan Ado™, and Mimi™. Pounded yam is usually eaten with soup. We sell it in 2-, 4-, 10-, and 20-pound sizes. Fresh yams are also available either individually or in 50-pound boxes, which we are willing to half for your convenience.


Our African market carries white, yellow, Ijebu, Ghanan, and Nigerian gari. We are able to add water to it like oatmeal or use it the way you use pounded yam. It can be eaten or sipped. Sizes range from 4-pound to 50-pound bags.

Stock & Variety Fish

Stock fish are prepared the same was as any other fish. We carry regular and cod stock, which you boil until it is soft before putting it in soup. Choice Food African Market also carries kenny, cuta, and peel bony fish for use in soup and stew.

Egusi & Ogbono

Egusi is used to make a soup that tastes like melon. It works well with spinach, okra, or your favorite vegetables. Ogbono is a slimy broth like the kind that's created by boiling okra. It works well for any type of vegetable soup.

Additional Items

• Corned Beef • Toiletries • Sugar • Canned Foods
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Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is used the same way as vegetable oil. It comes from the palm tree and is good for your health. Plus, we offer a cholesterol-free option. Our red palm oil is sold in 1-pint, 1-liter, 2-liter, and 4-liter sizes.

Financial Services

Choice Food African Market also offers Western Union services to send money anywhere in the world and sells Florida Lottery tickets to make it easier for you to one-stop shop.

Call or come by to obtain more information about our African food today.


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